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White , or reflective, roofs have been in use for the past years. Commonly referred to as “cool roofing ,” it has received a stamp of approval from the state of California, which has adopted its use in its building codes. It has become a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standard of the . A white roofs are a lot more than just white paint!

Scientists studying climate change rate the reflectivity of a surface based on the solar reflective index, or SRI scale.

A black roof has almost no reflectivity and no emittance. Summary: Starkweather Roofing installed data loggers on the new white roof of the Nationwide Scottsdale Insurance Company and on the traditional roof of the building next door in order to confirm . White roofs seem like no-brainers in warm climates like Phoenix, Las Vegas and Miami, where they can keep air- conditioning bills in check year-round. States like California even now . Painting roofs white has been–like changing lightbulbs–one of the well-cited easy ways out of climate change.

By reflecting more light and heat back to the atmosphere, a white roof should act like a natural anti-warming device, while also reducing your energy costs by keeping your house cool in the . Upgrading to a white roof , or cool roof, can lower your utility bills as well as your carbon dioxide emissions, no matter where you live.

Find out how you can help the cause and donate now! Secretary Steven Chu discusses the benefits of switching to white roofs and light colored pavements. Pre-Arranged Transportation. Guest will be greeted by a local taxi driver and taken to their destination.

White Roofing has become the standard in the industry today. Payment is made by the guest directly to the taxi operator. Some homeowners are embracing so-called “cool roofs ” that reflect heat as an affordable tool against climate change. Recently I have come across numerous articles promoting cool roofs , and although I work for a company that does indeed manufacture cool, white TPO (for thermoplastic olefin) roofs as well as dark-colored materials, I would like to offer some statistics and information that will inform your readers of the . The environmental benefits of exposed-membrane, low- slope roofing systems with high solar reflectance and thermal emittance have been established by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), Lawrence Berkeley National . The North Atlantic island of Bermuda has no fresh-water springs, rivers or lakes. So how did humans ever settle there?

The secret is in the design of their houses, and particularly the white stepped roof which is still in use 4years after it was first introduced. A British visitor to Bermuda will feel instantly at . One of the most visual impressions I have of Bermuda is all the white roofs that occupy the remote, but classic British island in the Atlantic. Besides being artistically impressive, the scarcity of fresh water has made them a necessity.

Did you also know that these white roofs have a beneficial environmental impact? Installing white roofs (or painting them white) has been promoted as a way to help slow global warming. New research shows that white roofs may actually add to global warming.

Provides long lasting usage. In Bermuda, houses have nice clean white roofs. These roofs serve two purposes : Protection from the sun and bad weather, but also serve as fresh water collectors. There are global warming benefits to painting roofs white or using the roofs to grow plants, but the benefits are not the same in every region, says a new study out Monday.

Reflective roofing has gained tremendous market share in recent years as energy costs and environmental concerns have increased. These before-and- after photographs of a BigLots box store shows the striking difference a reflective roof can make. The white spray-on coating produced a seamless rubber-like surface that . There are a number of ways to use roofs to decrease the environmental toll of our built environment, and begin to use urban infrastructure as an agent of adaptation and environmental services. White roofs , cool roofs, green roofs, and photovoltaic installations can all be effective ways to improve the environmental .

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